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What is 'Breathe Easy' Pendleton?

Champions for a Drug-Free Pendleton County strives to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for our youth in Pendleton County.

‘Breathe Easy Pendleton’ is an initiative of our community’s substance use prevention coalition to combat the effects that secondhand smoke/aerosol has on our community members, as well as our youth. Our purpose is to establish a smoke-free ordinance to eliminate secondhand smoke exposure in indoor workplaces and public places in Pendleton County.

Our goal is to educate the public and our policymakers that a smoke-free policy is an effective strategy in reducing secondhand smoke. We want to make Pendleton County a healthier place to breathe because EVERYONE deserves clean air.

It’s not about the smoker, it’s about the smoke!


Why should Pendleton County want to adopt a smoke-free policy for indoor workplaces and public places?

High school students living in KY counties with a comprehensive smoke-free law are 23% less likely to smoke cigarettes compared to students in counties without a smoke-free law.

There are approximately 4,000 chemicals present in secondhand smoke.

As of April 1, 2022, 1,103 municipalities, plus 25 states, commonwealths, and territories restrict e-cigarette use in 100% smoke-free venues.

39 Kentucky communities currently have 100% smoke-free laws! Williamstown is the only jurisdiction in northern Kentucky that has passed a smoke-free policy. Let’s set the example to our northern Kentucky surrounding counties.

We want Pendleton County to be next!

Benefits of a Smoke-Free Policy

It’s good for business!

87% of people prefer a smoke-free environment and studies show that there is no economic impact on local businesses who go smoke-free.


Champions collected data from local Pendleton County businesses. Click here to see how the business community feels about a smoke-free policy.


It’s good for our youth!

Studies show that smoke-free laws discourage youth from ever starting to smoke and promotes cessation among young adults.

Policy change is one of the primary practices of prevention. We can’t change certain risk factors but we can certainly change the protective factors that keep our youth and community healthy!


It’s good for tourism!

Tourists travel more frequently than the average consumer and prefer to visit areas that protect both the environment and the welfare of the local people.


How Can You Support Our Work?

Take the 'Breathe Easy' Pledge of Support! 

Join our coalition by emailing Stephanie Green at

Volunteer and/or attend our upcoming events!

We Need Your Input!
Please take our anonymous smoke-free policy opinion poll. Your feedback is important to our work.

'Breathe Easy' in Action
Enjoy some pictures of our community in action and in support of making Pendleton County a healthier place to breathe!

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