YOU(th) & Nicotine

In today's world, there are a lot of unknows: the Corona virus, job market, housing market, and the list could continue on. However, the ingredients in e-cigarettes' liquid are not unknown. In fact, there are some reports of over 300 ingredients, including nicotine in all "vape" liquid, despite advertising.

Although these are stressful times with all of the unknowns, setting a good example for your teen is important and you can do this through choosing healthy outlets for stress such as going for a walk, painting, taking a bubble bath, or just listening to your favorite music . People use to think that cigarettes were the golden ticket when it came to stress, now research shows that tobacco products has led to the individuals feeling more overwhelmed and stressed than if they hadn't use the product in the first place.

This is concerning as there are many pre-teens and teens who believe that: there is no nicotine in the liquid, that it is a good tool to use when your stressed, and that "vaping" will make them less stressed or even cool. It is also no secrete that the "cloud" that comes from inhaling the liquid is just as dangerous as smoke from a cigarette, and is NOT water vapor at all. It is actually an aerosol, just like you would use to clean with or use for hairspray. These clouds contain the same chemicals that inhaling the harmful liquid does, and can make you sick, just as if you were smoking a cigarette.

Studies have also shown that vapes are more addictive than traditional cigarettes. When compared to a traditional pack of cigarettes, JUUL has twice the amount of nicotine in a small thumb-drive-sized pod. This is staggering, when you consider that some kids are using 2-3 pods a day. which would equal to 4-6 packs of cigarettes a day. Also, with the alarming rate at which they vape can cause nicotine and heavy metal poisoning as they contain large amounts of lead, nickel, and other heavy toxins.

All of this may sound scary, and even with it being the week of Halloween, I don't mean to frighten you. As a parent, it is vital that we set good examples for our kids and help them understand that there are so many positive outlets for stress and that substance use should not be one of them.

For tips on how to have conversations with your youngster, please see some of our other blogs.

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