In 1996 “Champions for a Drug Free Kentucky” was established. Its mission: “To promote the prevention of the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and the reduction of violence in Kentucky communities.” Today, Champions for a Drug Free Kentucky is a network of anti-drug coalitions found in every geographic region of the Commonwealth. The Pendleton County Champions Coalition was chartered in July 2003.

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A Message from the Executive Team

Raising Leaders

There are a number of challenges facing our community in regards to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use prevention.

Our vision is for the Pendleton County community to be an alcohol, tobacco and other drug -free environment and culture for its youth.

Executive Team

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Stephanie Schlueter
Project Coordinator

Stephanie is the Project Coordinator for the Pendleton County School District, whose work is funded through a federal Drug-Free Communities grant, which focuses on alcohol and tobacco prevention, as well as building social-emotional learning skills for youth.  She is a graduate from Eastern Kentucky University with a Masters Degree in Public Administration. She enjoys working in prevention and is excited to be on a team that works to prevent substance use for our youth in Pendleton County.

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Currently vacant. 

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Becky Messmer


Becky is a mom of four, grandmother to four and married to Todd.  She is a registered nurse and a longtime resident of Pendleton County.  She has been working in the public health field for 12 years.  She is passionate about prevention and the community that she lives in.

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Kenna Knight


Kenna is the mother of three grown children, Moriah, Kelsey and Clay.  Her joy is being the grandmother of Jessa and Davis Conrad.   She is a graduated of Morehead State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Administration and Business.   She works for the University of Kentucky and is the Pendleton County Family and Consumer Science Educator.  She has been active in our Champion Coalition since it was chartered in 2003.   Her passion is working with the community and youth by providing programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices. 

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Linda Bates


I am a life-long resident of Campbell County, with the exception of 4 years, one in Cincinnati and three in Indianapolis, IN .  I have three boys, 24,23 and 20.  I was fortunate enough to be a stay home mom for 10 years.  All of my professional career has been focused on being an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.  In 2018 I began working with Well Care Health Plans, as a Community Advocate, my title has now changed to Community Relations Coordinator but my role hasn’t.  I work to reduce barriers and provide supports for families so they can focus on taking care of their health.  Additionally, I have been involved in a variety of youth prevention coalitions for the past 13 years.